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When Star Trek premiered on September 8, 1966, nobody had seen anything like it. There was no need yet to call it "The Original Series." The colorful, exciting, thoughtful episode titled "The Man Trap" was totally unique.

It's hard to believe the entire series ran in under three years, considering its impact has lasted for decades. 

The series finale, "Turnabout Intruder," aired in June 1969. By then, the Enterprise crew had changed. Some of the familiar characters we all known and love are surprisingly not in one or the other of these episodes. Other things had changed, too. That's a clue.

See if you can tell "The Man Trap" apart from "Turnabout Intruder"!

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  1. Which episode featured this creepy ''Salt Vampire''?
  2. Which episode featured this body swap special effect?
  3. Which episode featured the opening title credits in blue?
  4. Which episode features this character known simply as ''Green''?
  5. Which episode featured this Janice?
  6. Which episode featured this Janice?
  7. Which episode featured this bridge scene?
  8. Which episode featured this conversation between Spock and Uhura?
  9. Which episode visits the planet M-113?
  10. Which planet has a captain's log of stardate 5928.5?
  11. Which episode features this conversation between Scotty and Bones?
  12. Which episode featured this unfortunate skin condition?
  13. Which episode opened with Spock in command?
  14. Which episode featured Dr. Coleman?
  15. In which episode do we see McCoy sleeping in his quarters?

Only a true Trekkie can tell the difference between the first and last episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series

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