Quiz: Do you know your Star Trek aliens?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: June 17, 2016, 10:07AM
The universe is a big, big place. As the original USS Enterprise boldly went where no man has gone before, it continually encountered fantastic alien creatures. The creators of Star Trek had a vivid imagination limited only by budget and special effects technology. Still, despite the limits of the late 1960s, Star Trek delivered a memorable gallery of aliens that could be humanoid, ghostly, furry, lumpy or scaly. How well do you remember the alien races from these episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series? 
  1. "The Cage"
  2. "Arena"
  3. "The Devil in the Dark"
  4. "The Tholian Web"
  5. "Balance of Terror"
  6. "Journey to Babel"
  7. "The Cage"
  8. "The Way to Eden"
  9. "The Man Trap"
  10. "Charlie X"
  11. "Journey to Babel"
Quiz: Do you know your Star Trek aliens?

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