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If Scrabble allowed the use of proper nouns, these would score big points. When it came to naming video games and sci-fi characters back in the day, creators loved to utilize those Qs, Zs, and Xs. A name like Zaxxon or Korax just sounds so much more outer-spacey. But were they arcade games or sci-fi characters?

Below, you will find a bunch of names. Some were arcade cabinets in the early 1980s, and the others were characters in classic sci-fi shows.

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  1. Mork
  2. Mappy
  3. Tapper
  4. Tigerman
  5. Jojo Krako
  6. Gorf
  7. Gravitar
  8. Miss Cosmos
  9. Zalto
  10. Bolix
  11. Xevious
  12. Megazor
  13. Pengo
  14. Wizard of Wor
  15. Zaxxon
  16. Geoo
  17. Qix
  18. Korax

Was this a vintage arcade game or a classic sci-fi TV character?

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