Which Western is Leonard Nimoy in?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: April 18, 2022, 12:29PM

Leonard Nimoy will forever be remembered as Spock from Star Trek but he was a much more versatile actor than many may realize, and he worked in Hollywood for over a decade before joining the Enterprise crew. 

While he appeared in things like The Twilight Zone and Sea Hunt, the shows he acted in most often early in his career were Westerns. 

Here are 10 Western roles performed by the great Leonard Nimoy. Can you guess what show each one is from?

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  1. That's Nimoy in the middle of a scene from...
  2. What show is Nimoy in here?
  3. Nimoy appeared in multiple episodes of this show...
  4. Here is Nimoy in the modern rodeo series...
  5. What show is Nimoy in here?
  6. Which Western is this?
  7. What is Nimoy in here?
  8. That's Nimoy on the horse in which short-lived Western?
  9. What is Leonard Nimoy in here?
  10. Nimoy appeared in a later color episode of...
Which Western is Leonard Nimoy in?

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