Can you identify these celebrity guest stars on 'Numb3rs'?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: October 31, 2018, 12:43PM
Numb3rs is a show about math geniuses. Fortunately, the task before you today is much easier. We're just looking for pop culture brainiacs.

Below, you will find 11 celebrities who appeared as guests on Numb3rs. Try to identify them all!

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  1. Not long after this episode, this actor became critically acclaimed for playing what iconic TV character?
  2. This actor is best known as which sitcom character?
  3. Kids likely know him better as what educational TV character?
  4. What '70s sitcom character is this?
  5. You could find him as a kid on what beloved early-'90s show?
  6. Okay, which show was he on around the same era?
  7. What was his nickname in 'Top Gun'?
  8. He played this kooky '70s sitcom character.
  9. His celebrity dad made his directorial debut with what movie?
  10. Kids might not know his face, but they definitely recognize his voice as the voice of which animated character?
  11. Finally, the rapper on the left went to No. 2 on the pop charts twice with "Let Me Blow Ya Mind" and "Gangsta Lovin'."
Can you identify these celebrity guest stars on 'Numb3rs'?

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