Can you match the book to the TV show it inspired?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: August 22, 2018, 4:48PM
Books — they're filled with great ideas! Some of your favorite classic television characters were born in print. From detectives to spies to sitcom kids, these fictional personalities jumped off the page and onto the screen in your living room.

Think you can match the original novels to the TV show? Below, you will see 11 bestselling authors and their books. All you have to do is pick the correct shows based on those works. On your bookmarks, get set… go!
  1. Richard Hooker served as a surgeon in war, and turned his experiences into a 1968 bestseller. It kicked off an entire series.
  2. This beloved dog "came home" in a 1940 novel by Eric Knight.
  3. Erle Stanley Gardner's hero starred in dozens of mystery books before he became a TV icon.
  4. G.G. Fickling introduced this female character in the 1957 novel 'This Girl for Hire.'
  5. 1957 also saw the debut of this beloved "Little Girl with Big Ideas" in Frederick Kohner's novel.
  6. 'The Fifteenth Pelican' introduced this character in 1966.
  7. This secret agent was introduced way back in 1928, in the novel 'Meet the Tiger.'
  8. Martin Caidin's 1972 book 'Cyborg' inspired this classic sci-fi show.
  9. Earl Hamner Jr. turned his childhood experiences into the 1961 bestseller 'Spencer's Mountain.' What series was based on this book?
  10. This character was first introduced in Robert Parker's 1976 novel 'Promised Land.' He eventually got his own spin-off series of another show based on Parker's novels.
  11. This detective show was inspired by Carolyn Weston characters introduced in the 1972 book 'Poor, Poor Ophelia.'
Can you match the book to the TV show it inspired?

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