Can you match the Christmas episode to the correct TV show?

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Television shows love the holidays. Every genre tackles the Christmas episode — sitcoms, Westerns, cop shows, even sci-fi. 

Below, we pulled the Christmas titles from some of our favorite shows. Matching them to the correct series by name alone would be a Scrooge move, so we made it a little easier. For starters, these are all shows you can see on H&I. We provided some plot clues, too.

Good luck! And happy holidays!
  1. A police officer is poisoned by a gift at a holiday party in "Mr. Monk and the Secret Santa"
  2. A snowstorm hits headquarters on Christmas Eve in "Jaggle Bells."
  3. Gabrielle helps out in spin on Dickens called "A Solstice Carol."
  4. Our hero helps out a church, kids at a youth center and a homeless woman in "The Madonna"
  5. "Sammo Claus" takes its name from the star of the series.
  6. Belker goes undercover as Santa in "Santaclaustrophobia."
  7. A patient catches a disease from a donkey in "It's a Wonderful Lie."
  8. A bounty hunter helps a kid track down Santa in "Eight Cent Reward."
  9. Det. Medavoy panics when the station cat eats the Christmas rabbit in "From Hare to Eternity"
  10. Joe gets the 'Cuda detailed as a present in "25 Hours of Christmas," but the car gets stolen.
Can you match the Christmas episode to the correct TV show?

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