How did four members of a fictional Army unit turn into soldiers of fortune on a mission to prove their innocence?

Well, it's a long story, but all they needed to do was escape a military prison and relocate to Los Angeles. Hannibal, B.A., Face, and Murdock found a way to make their new journey entertaining, defeating bad guys with their U.S. Army Special Forces experiences.

The series had a mission that lasted for five seasons. Although in their fictional world they were 'criminals,' in the real world they were loved. Many of the episode names are self-explanatory, but some are also hilariously tricky. Would you get it right if B.A. asked you to match the description to the correct A-Team episode?

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  1. Some muscle men make a big mistake when they try to force B.A.'s momma out of her apartment. The A-Team steps in to save the entire block from being torn down.
  2. Someone sabotages a car at a regional stock-car race and attracts the A-Team's attention. The car belongs to an old friend of Hannibal's. Things don't stay simple when jealousy enters the plan.
  3. When Murdock gets mistaken for an insane mercenary the A-Team is drawn into a fight over property rights and an oil well. The landowner hires them to get rid of an old man and his teenage son. Of course, the A-Team helps the underdog.
  4. Face runs into an old friend from the POW camp the A-Team used to be in. The friend was the cook who helped them to flee and now needs their help. He gets involved in a drug deal with former camp members, including former Vietnamese commander.
  5. The A-Team must once again duck Decker. They do so in a small hospital, where they meet Shana, who tells them her story. So, they try to stop an extortionist terrorizing a small fishing village.
  6. The A-Team uses their own vehicles, Face's Corvette and B.A.'s van, as bait for a car-stealing ring. Things heat up when B.A.'s van is stolen, and the team loses track.
  7. Murdock has to stop a killer before his next assassination. The only way for Murdock to get to his target is to pose as secret agent Logan Ross.
  8. The A-Team takes up the cause of New York shopkeepers against neighborhood protection racketeers. Everything seems to go easily, till the final big fight.
  9. B.A.'s friend is held in a prison where the director arranges fight-to-the-death-boxing matches. The winner gets released, only to be hunted down and killed. So, the A-Team purposely gets arrested. Inside B.A. soon has to prepare to fight.
  10. When one of their former colleagues is murdered in a small town by a gang of murderers, the A-Team prepares to hit back!

Can you match the description to the right 'A-Team' episode?

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