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Can you name all these funky, groovy cars from the 1970s?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: January 18, 2020, 11:00AM

Say one thing about cars in the 1970s — they certainly looked more unique. From bubbly hatchbacks to boat-sized sedans, the decades offered a gas-guzzler for everyone. If you learned how to parallel park with a 1977 Oldsmobile, well, we tip our hat to you.

Even if you weren't driving one of these, you have probably come across them numerous times in movies and television. 

Think you can name these iconic automobiles of the Seventies? Put the pedal to the metal…

  1. This iconic pickup hybrid from Chevy means "the road" in Spanish.
  2. This Volkswagen shared a name with a classic horror movie.
  3. This sporty Pontiac Trans Am had a name that fit the awesome avian image on the hood.
  4. Is this a Corvette or a Camaro?
  5. What about this iconic little AMC hatchback?
  6. This Oldsmobile came in a "Supreme" edition, like a taco.
  7. This Chevy was named after a bright star in the sky.
  8. What was the model of this Ford "Cruising Wagon"?
  9. Ricardo Montalbán touted the "fine Corinthian leather" in the interior of this Chrysler.
  10. This little AMC shared its name with a certain NBA player.
  11. It may be parked in front of an airplane hangar, but this Buick featured an iconic "boattail."
Can you name all these funky, groovy cars from the 1970s?

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