Can you name the military show from a single frame of the opening credits?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: November 28, 2017, 2:23PM
In the 1960s, inspired by success of military-focused films and radio shows, television received its marching orders: Audiences wanted to see more military action.

What followed was a surge of spectacular TV shows that took soldiering seriously, whether it was a sitcom or drama. From there, military series became a regular fixture in our scheduled programming and that trend continues to today, with a recent announcement that CBS plans to reboot the popular '80s comedy Stripes as a TV series.

Here, we've pulled scenes from the opening credits of the best military series we watched from the 1950s to the 1980s. Think you're a military TV expert? Prove it by soldiering through every scene in the quiz below! Godspeed, TV troops!

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  1. This Emmy-winning early military series featured a memorable cartoon intro:
  2. These choppers played a crucial role in this hugely popular military series:
  3. This military series based on a major movie was also a hit with critics:
  4. You wouldn't know it from this relatively somber frame, but this shot is from the opening credits of which military sitcom?
  5. In this WWII-based series, the cast is tasked with an unusual special operation:
  6. This cherished military sitcom was expectedly sparked from a moody one-hour drama:
  7. This '60s military series gets points for perhaps the most stylish intro:
  8. The '80s military series shown here kicked off with a close-up of its star:
  9. This early military series relied heavily on slapstick:
  10. This memorably classic military series premiered on TV 15 years after the movie it's based on:
Can you name the military show from a single frame of the opening credits?

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