Can you name the TV show by its foreign title?

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Not every TV show title translates. So, when Hollywood's hits are exported overseas, they sometimes end up with rather different names.

Below, you will find the names of familiar shows around the globe. Here's a big hint: You can watch them all on H&I. 
  1. This heroic show is known as "The Mass" in Spain.
  2. In Sweden, this superhero is known as Läderlappen, which literally translates as "leather patch."
  3. Speaking of superheroes, this show is known as 'Look, He's Flying!' in Sweden.
  4. In the U.K., this show was called 'Flying Misfits.'
  5. In France, this cop classic is called "Captain Furillo."
  6. In Portugal, this police drama is known as "The Ballad of New York."
  7. In Sweden, this show is called "In Honor and Conscience."
  8. In Germany, this unique drama is called "Alone Against the Future."
  9. Finally, in France, this adventure is called "Sydney Fox: The Adventuress."
Can you name the TV show by its foreign title?

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