Can you spot the one thing wrong in these '80s action show intros?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: March 20, 2020, 2:30PM

All the cool action heroes of the 1980s wore sunglasses. As uncool as it be, we suggest taking them off to pass this quiz. You're going to need the eyes of a hawk.

The following ten scenes from the opening credits of exciting Eighties action shows. We changed one little thing in each image. See if you can spot what's wrong!

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  1. Here is Shatner in action as T.J. Hooker! What's wrong here?
  2. MacGyver can build anything — but could he spot what's wrong here?
  3. Looks like William Katt is having a hard time. What is wrong here with The Greatest American Hero?
  4. What is wrong in his Miami Vice image?
  5. What is wrong here with this Hardcastle & McCormack title screen?
  6. How about this still from the Hunter opening credits?
  7. Take a leap and find something wrong here in The Fall Guy.
  8. But your best "Face" forward and find the thing wrong here on The A-Team.
  9. What is wrong in the KITT interior from this shot in the Knight Rider intro?
  10. Finally, finishing on a high note and find something wrong in the Airwolf credits.
Can you spot the one thing wrong in these '80s action show intros?

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