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Have you ever finished watching a superhero movie and said to yourself, "I could have done a better job of directing that!" Well, now's your chance!

We're letting you cast a brand new Batman movie, but there's a catch: Each role you cast has to be played by someone who previously performed the role, either as a voice actor or in a live-action television show or film. We'll analyze your answers and once you're done, we'll assign you an emotional support Batman, because who doesn't want their own personal vigilante?

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  1. Please, choose a Batman.
  2. Now cast a Robin.
  3. Cast your Alfred.
  4. Cast a Poison Ivy.
  5. Who's the best Joker?
  6. Who are you casting as Catwoman?
  7. We'll need a Penguin, too.
  8. Who are you casting as Mr. Freeze?
  9. Choose your Riddler.
  10. You can only cast one of these actors as Two-Face. Who's it going to be?

Direct a Batman movie and we'll give you a Batman to fight crime with

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