Do you know all the words to the Rawhide theme song?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: March 2, 2021, 4:56PM

The Rawhide theme song is one of the catchiest Western tunes heard on classic TV. It has been referenced and parodied countless times since the show aired, including a memorable scene in The Blues Brothers.

The person most associated with the song is Frankie Laine, who recorded the version used on the show. The commercially released single version actually has the end credits verse first and then the verse used for the opening title sequence, but for this quiz we'll go in the order it appears in the series, with the title sequence lyrics first.

Do you know every word to this classic Western ditty? See if you can wrangle these Rawhide rhymes!

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  1. Keep movin', movin', movin', though they're ________
  2. Keep them _______ movin', Rawhide!
  3. Don’t try to ________ 'em
  4. Just rope and throw and ______ 'em
  5. Soon we'll be living high and ______
  6. My heart's _______
  7. My ______ will be waitin'
  8. Be waiting at the end of my ______
  9. What two lines are repeated first in the chorus?
  10. What two lines are repeated next in the chorus?
  11. The end credits start with: Keep rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ though the streams are _______
  12. Keep them doggies _______, Rawhide!
  13. Through rain and ______ and weather
  14. _______ for leather
  15. Wishin’ my _____ was by my side
  16. All the things I'm ______
  17. Good vittles, love and ______
  18. Are _______ at the end of my ride
Do you know all the words to the Rawhide theme song?

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