Do you recognize these celebrity guest stars on 'Wonder Woman'?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: November 18, 2022, 12:02PM

"All the world is waiting for you…" to take this quiz! Wonder Woman is as popular as ever these days, but we can thank Lynda Carter for helping shape the character on her colorful and zippy action show of the 1970s. 

But Diana Prince didn't do it alone. Wonder Woman had her trusty helpers Steve Trevor, I.R.A.C. and Rover, the robot dog. And who could forget Wonder Girl? Of course, the show would not have been complete without new allies, victims and villains each week.

That's where the guest stars come in. We're going to show you some of the famous faces that turned up on the superhero show from 1975–79. You have to identify them.

Only, we're changing things up a bit this time. We want to see if you can associate these celebrities with other notable TV shows and characters. Good luck!

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  1. Hey, he was bad guy to Batman on TV as well! Which one?
  2. He played the title character in which hit 1990s sitcom?
  3. Where could you watch him helming a ship?
  4. Which beloved character did he play in the 1960s?
  5. What quirky character is he best known for playing?
  6. You know her as a famous TV daughter. Which one did she play?
  7. Which TV dad did he portray?
  8. Okay, now which TV mom was she before becoming Wonder Woman's Queen?
  9. This legendary cowboy starred in which show?
  10. '80s television lovers better know him as…
  11. He had a long-running supporting role as which 1990s sitcom character?
  12. This rocker scored a huge pop hit with "Jessie's Girl." But he also appeared on which soap opera for years?
  13. Speaking of rock 'n' roll, this legendary disc jockey was the announcer and sometimes host on which 1970s music show?
Do you recognize these celebrity guest stars on 'Wonder Woman'?

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