How many Baywatch lifeguards can you name?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: December 6, 2022, 1:52PM
The Baywatch lifeguard team had a lot of talent join their ranks. With the series on the air for 11 seasons, over 50 actors would be credited as part of the main cast by the time the series ended.

You may know their heroic deeds on the series but can you name the lifeguards of Baywatch? Take the quiz below to find out!
  1. The leader of the Baywatch lifeguard team is Mitch _____.
  2. This character was named after the actor who played him.
  3. The administrative commander was _____ Holden.
  4. He joined the lifeguard team as a rookie in the first season of the series.
  5. The shortest lifeguard on the Baywatch team is named after which season of the year?
  6. Carmen Electra played this lifeguard who wanted to be a professional dancer.
  7. The rookie that Jill Riley mentored was Shauni _____.
  8. She's the younger Holden sister who's first name is...
  9. The most experienced lifeguard who only appeared in the first season.
  10. The lifeguard that would go on to marry Mitch was ____ Capshaw.
  11. Who was this lifeguard that aspired to swim in the Olympics one day?
How many Baywatch lifeguards can you name?

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