How many Monk characters can you name?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: November 22, 2021, 1:37PM

Sharona, Natalie, Randy — any Monk fan knows these names well. But what about their last names? Or Captain Stottlemeyer’s first name?

This quiz tests your knowledge of Monk monikers for main characters and memorable recurring ones like Monk’s brother played by John Turturro.

See if you can name them all!

  1. What is Monk's first name?
  2. What is Sharona's last name?
  3. What is Sharona's son's name?
  4. What is Natalie's last name?
  5. What is Natalie's daughter's name?
  6. What is Randy's last name?
  7. What is Captain Stottlemeyer's first name?
  8. What is Mrs. Monk's name?
  9. What is Monk's first therapist's name?
  10. What is Monk's second therapist's name?
  11. Monk and this recurring character were kindred spirits, in a way. What is his name?
  12. What is Monk's brother's name?
How many Monk characters can you name?

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