How well do you know the career of David Hasselhoff?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: April 23, 2021, 9:41AM
Actor, singer, and even dancer, David Hasselhoff has done it all. Even after holding the record as the most watched man on television, the Baywatch star still continues to hone his acting chop to this very day with little sign of stopping anytime soon. 

But do you consider yourself an expert on the long storied career of 'The Hoff' himself? Take the quiz below and find out!

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  1. In what decade did he make his first television appearance?
  2. Which of these movies did he NOT appear as himself?
  3. Hasselhoff made his debut on broadway in 1997 in which theatrical production?
  4. Hasselhoff starred in a 90’s TV movie as which Marvel superhero?
  5. He premiered as Knight Rider in which year?
  6. True or False: he has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
  7. Hasselhoff was a star for multiple years on which popular soap opera?
  8. What was Hasselhoff's character in the Baywatch spin-off Baywatch: Nights?
  9. What is the only show he has ever directed for?
  10. What other H&I hero briefly took his record for 'most watched man on television' in 2010?
  11. What is the title of his debut music album?
How well do you know the career of David Hasselhoff?

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