How well do you know the career of Julie Newmar?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: July 13, 2021, 10:52AM
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TV legend, Julie Newmar, has a purr-fectly amazing career that spans over 7 decades. Known as the original Catwoman, Newmar showcased her incredible and varied talents all across Hollywood.

After studying acting, classical piano, and ballet for many years she got her big break on Broadway in the 1950s. She made the transition from theater to TV in pursuit of being known as a comedy actress, which she did achieve when she was cast in the sitcom cult classic My Living Doll. Newmar would go on to guest-star in numerous comedies and sci-fi series including Star Trek, The Twilight Zone, and more!

But how well do you know the legendary career of Julie Newmar? Test your knowledge with the fan-made quiz below!

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  1. When was Julie Newmar born?
  2. How many times did Julie Newmar make her iconic appearance as Catwoman in the original Batman 1966 TV series?
  3. Julie Newmar played Stupefyin' Jones alongside future 'Star Trek' Alum Leslie Parrish's Daisy Mae in which classic musical?
  4. Julie guest starred in the 'Route 66' episode "How Much a Pound is Albatross?" What was her character, Vicki Russell's albatross?
  5. In 'My Living Doll' Julie played an experimental android built for the U.S Air Force, named Rhoda Miller as a cover, what was Rhoda's real name?
  6. Julie played the Evil War Witch Zarina in the 'Buck Rogers In the 24th Century' Two-Part Episode "Flight of The War Witch". Which planet did Zarina and her powerful forces attempt to conquer?
  7. In 'The Twilight Zone' Julie's character, Miss Devlin, made a deal with aging business tycoon William Feathersmith. What episode did she guest star in?
  8. Billed as Julie Newmeyer, which of the following was her first credited screen role?
  9. Which 'Star Trek' episode did Julie portray Eleen, the tough and strong willed young wife of a powerful tribal leader?
  10. Julie's Catwoman proved a purr-fectly diabolical villain for Batman and Robin to confront, which of the following was her first series appearance?
How well do you know the career of Julie Newmar?

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