Is this a real episode of 'Monk' or did we make it up?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: October 28, 2020, 2:10PM

Image: The Everett Collection

Much like how he conducts his detective work, Monk has a peculiarly and specific way when it comes to titling episodes throughout the series. Typically starting with "Mr. Monk and..." you always get a quick glimpse at what your favorite detective with an obsessive-compulsive disorder is going to be up to for that episode.

But can you tell the difference between a real
Monk episode title and a fake one? Put your detective hat on and test your knowledge!

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  1. ‘Mr. Monk and the Very, Very Old Man’
  2. 'Mr. Monk Goes to the Moon'
  3. 'Mr. Monk and the Cat'
  4. 'Mr. Monk and the UFO'
  5. 'Mr. Monk is the Best Man'
  6. Mr. Monk gets Married'
  7. 'Mr. Monk is Dead'
  8. 'Mr. Monk and the Dog'
  9. 'Mr. Monk goes to the Beach'
  10. 'Mr. Monk runs a Marathon'
  11. 'Mr. Monk goes to Jail'
  12. 'Mr. Monk and the Clown'
Is this a real episode of 'Monk' or did we make it up?

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