Match these spooky scenes to the correct Western show!

By: H&I Staff     Posted: October 14, 2019, 5:02PM

Who says cowboys can't celebrate Halloween? While a true Halloween episode is rare in the genre, TV westerns frequently featured ghosts, witches and other supernatural phenomena. 

Below, we've gathered spooky scenes from some of our favorite Halloween-ready western tales. You'll see zombie soldiers, haunted houses, phantom prairie girls, murder bulls and cursed idols. Remember — it's only a fireside yarn!

Match these moments to the correct TV show!

  1. This "witch" is being burned at the stake in "Devil on Her Shoulder."
  2. These two bravely survived "The Night of the Man-Eating House."
  3. An actor named Rance McGrew has a showdown with the real Jesse James in this eerie tale.
  4. This hero painted his face to look like a zombie to spook the enemy in "The Ghost Soldiers."
  5. Redrum meat! This spooky bull turned up in "Incident of the Murder Steer."
  6. He showed no fear of the witch woman in "Witch Woman."
  7. Boys in masks play Halloween pranks in "Hostages to Fortune."
  8. The scary "monster" in the "The Monster" turns out to be a pachyderm that tramples Martin Landau.
  9. Born under a "Dark Star," this women is thought to be a witch.
  10. "The Ghost of Coyote Canyon" turns out to be a wicked man in a devil mask.
  11. The ghost of a little girl from the Donner Party haunts Charlie in "Little Girl Lost."
Match these spooky scenes to the correct Western show!

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