Only a true gentleman gunfighter can get 9/10 on this 'Have Gun - Will Travel' quiz

By: H&I Staff     Posted: October 13, 2017, 11:45AM
Have Gun - Will Travel ran for six seasons between 1957 and 1963, leaving its distinguished mark on every gunman who came to TV and films afterwards. It starred Richard Boone as Paladin, the gentleman gunfighter who holed up in a luxury hotel in San Francisco.

Paladin was a more polished cowboy, donning custom suits and speaking many languages, occasionally quoting classic literature or noted thinkers. He captivated audiences and helped keep Have Gun - Will Travel at the top of network ratings.

Did you watch every second of the highfalutin action? Consider this quiz as trivia target practice to see if you're a true gunslinger of Have Gun - Will Travel knowledge. Give it your best shot now.

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  1. Series star Richard Boone also took this role on some episodes:
  2. How much did Paladin typically charge for his services?
  3. What was the hotel called on the TV show where Paladin was headquartered?
  4. How was the series title styled on Paladin’s business cards?
  5. Paladin was an expert at many things. Pick the thing below he did NOT master.
  6. The bellhop known as Kim Chan or Kim Chang had what nickname?
  7. Which of these classic TV stars did not guest star on ‘Have Gun – Will Travel’?
  8. How many Emmy nominations did Richard Boone receive for his performance as Paladin?
  9. Many of the writers from ‘Have Gun – Will Travel’ achieved fame after the show. Pick the writer who did NOT work on the show.
  10. In an early episode of ‘Have Gun – Will Travel,’ Paladin memorably rode in on which more exotic animal?
Only a true gentleman gunfighter can get 9/10 on this 'Have Gun - Will Travel' quiz

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