See if you can identify these celebrity guest stars on 'The Guardian'

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Simon Baker starred in The Guardian from 2001–04. But he was not the only famous face to pop up on the legal drama. The series welcomed a rather eclectic array of celebrity guests. Former teen pin-ups, Star Trek alums, Seventies icons, future Oscar-winners and unexpected comedians.

Take a look for yourself. See if you can recognize everyone!
  1. He appeared in the season two final but was credited under a phony name, "Phil Weston." Who is it really?
  2. This actor went on to join the Star Trek universe. Which character did he play?
  3. Speaking of the Star Trek universe, Trekkies better know this actor as…?
  4. Let's see how well you know your Coreys from the '80s. Which Corey is this?
  5. In the '70s, this actor played which iconic TV character?
  6. In the '70s, you could find her on which series?
  7. This kid would star in which critically acclaimed cable series?
  8. She has won an Academy Award, an Emmy Award and a Tony Award. She won that Oscar for which movie?
  9. She went on to star in which hugely popular drama series?
  10. Who is this former teen heartthrob?
  11. This actress went on to play which comic book character on the big screen?
See if you can identify these celebrity guest stars on 'The Guardian'

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