These TV theme songs were all sung by rock stars. Can you name them?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: April 23, 2020, 1:30PM
A TV show doesn't need a huge rock star to have a great theme song. After all, we still have the theme to 'Laverne & Shirley' stuck in our heads and Cyndi Grecco is hardly a household name.

But in some cases, big-time musicians have offered up tunes for televisions series. In fact, the 14 shows below all had famous musicians provide the themes.

See if you can match the title to the correct musical act. Good luck!

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  1. 'Tour of Duty' used a huge hit from this hall of fame act.
  2. These British titans performed the theme song for 'CSI' and all its spin-offs.
  3. His tune "My Life" was the theme to the Tom Hanks sitcom 'Bosom Buddies.'
  4. The Beatles wrote "With a Little Help from My Friends" but this singer belted it out before every episode of 'The Wonder Years.'
  5. John Sebastian scored a hit with his theme to 'Welcome Back, Kotter.' What band did he once front?
  6. Not only did they do the music for the movie 'Highlander,' they provided the theme for 'Highlander: The Series.'
  7. This band was there for you at the beginning of every 'Friends.'
  8. "Best Friend," his theme for 'The Courtship of Eddie's Father,' would become one of his signature songs.
  9. This Puerto Rican icon performed the theme to 'Chico and the Man.'
  10. Okay, instrumental break. This legend has 27 Grammys to his name. And he also did the memorable instrumental themes to both 'Sanford and Son' and 'Ironside.'
  11. This '80s icon belted out the theme song to the nostalgic cult favorite 'Freaks and Geeks.'
  12. Big Star originally recorded this song heard in the 'That '70s Show' credits. But what band performed it for the show from season two onward?
  13. 'Karen' may have only lasted for one season in 1964, but it had a huge name sing its theme song. Who was it?
  14. This band played the theme to the 1985 reboot of 'The Twilight Zone.'
These TV theme songs were all sung by rock stars. Can you name them?

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