Which sci-fi TV shows featured these spaceships?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: February 27, 2018, 2:53PM
"Captain, our sensors have detected 13 unidentified craft in our immediate vicinity. They seem to be television ships, from the seventh, eighth and ninth decade of the 20th century…

Beyond that, our science team is unable to trace their origins. That's why we need your expertise…

I'm pulling them up on the vidscreen now… Here they come…

You were always the smartest one at the academy. So can you identify them all…?"
  1. From where did these ships originate?
  2. This one has a classic design.
  3. It may look sinister, but this one comes bearing gifts.
  4. Sure, it may be pretty with that painted hull, but this one's sneaky.
  5. It's a small ovoid craft.
  6. This one seems to be called the Searcher.
  7. This one appears rather shocking!
  8. Well, this one says "U.F.O." right on the side.
  9. It's another saucer!
  10. We're picking up a signal calling this one the Spindrift.
  11. Boy, there sure do seem to be a lot of flying saucers…
  12. …even really ornate ones! This one must have traveled in time from the 19th century!
  13. Last one, captain. This one hails from a place called "Seventies Saturday Morning."
Which sci-fi TV shows featured these spaceships?

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