Which sidekick are you?

By: H&I Staff     Posted: August 2, 2017, 12:40PM
The bond between a protagonist and his or her sidekick is a bond unlike no other. Whether they're fighting crime together or plotting hijinks and bamboozles, they always have each other's back. We all have a little sidekick inside us, so take this quiz to find out which one you are. After all, you can't just go straight from being a regular person to being a full-fledged superhero - there can only be one Superman!

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  1. Do you want to fight crime?
  2. Are you a skilled fighter?
  3. Are you the brains of the operation?
  4. How well do you get along with the hero?
  5. Could you handle a fight without the hero?
  6. Have you ever had to save the hero?
  7. Do you want a uniform?
Which sidekick are you?

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