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Any exposure to fame may risk an inflated ego, but when you're playing an iconic superhero, it feels like you're almost entitled to brag about it. To play someone like Batman is the ultimate wish-fulfillment fantasy, especially if you're playing it as seriously as Adam West was.

Although Batman was popular during its original run and still maintains an iconic legacy to this day, West never got too full of himself during his run as the caped crusader. In fact, when asked by The Gazette about his experience, the actor didn't use the opportunity to boast. Instead, he sang the praises of the series itself, delighted that he had gotten an opportunity to participate in entertaining an audience.

West stated, "I'm a happy man about it because I can make others happy. I know that sounds a little corny, but I get a great pleasure delivering the laughs." 

He continued, "And when I go out and I do the Comic-Cons and these shows and I see the reaction, the things that people say and how they react, is just wonderful."

West was so passionate about playing the character that he actually expressed fear that his costars may have misinterpreted his on-set intensity for something more sinister. He said, "I think one or two of the regulars in the cast thought I was a little conceited, in that I would tell them: 'I want you to please make this moment, this scene, the best of your life because this show will be lasting. And they thought I was conceited to say that. I just wanted it to be great." 

But West's prediction came true, and to this day, new audiences are still rolling over with laughter over Batman. While we'd certainly be able to excuse a bit of ego from an actor as impressive as Adam West, it's actually pretty heartwarming to learn that he approached his characters with the same love that viewers have when they're watching the show.

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