Martial Law


Blue Flu - The whole police station is under quarantine after someone releases a virus.
  • Saturdays 2 PM & 3 PM
Sammo Law (Sammo Hung) is a Chinese police officer and martial arts expert working in Los Angeles. Along with officer Grace “Pei Pei” Chen (Kelly Hu), Law fights crime, often doing things the Chinese way when American methods fail to produce results. All the while, He and Chen also are working to take down the criminal organization of Law’s arch nemesis, Lee Hei (Tzi Ma), who has set up operations in Los Angeles.
  • Season

S1/EP 1 - Shanghai Express

Sammo tries to find one of his Chinese colleagues who has disappeared while infiltrating an international ring of car thieves.

S1/EP 2 - Diamond Fever

Sammo discovers that the Chinese kingpin meant for capture is involved in diamond smuggling.

S1/EP 3 - Dead Ringers

Sammo and the unit investigate when competitors in an internet based fighting competition die in the ring.

S1/EP 4 - Funny Money

Sammo and the officers pursue a counterfeiting ring.

S1/EP 5 - Cop Out

The unit investigates a group of vigilante cops taking the law into their own hands.

S1/EP 6 - Extreme Measures

Sammo and his partners try to locate a former cop held captive by a white supremacist group.

S1/EP 7 - Trackdown

The murder of a DA leads Sammo to a crooked lawyer.

S1/EP 8 - Take Out

Sammo comes to the aid of his friend who's harassed for not selling his restaurant.

S1/EP 9 - How Sammo Got His Groove Back

When an LAPD officer's rap-artist cousin is shot, he teams with Sammo to solve the conspiracy.

S1/EP 10 - Bad Seed

Winship discovers that his niece is involved with a Triad gang and assigns Sammo and Terrell to track her down.

S1/EP 11 - Lock-Up

Sammo and Terrell go undercover to infiltrate a gun-smuggling operation run by prison inmates.

S1/EP 12 - Painted Faces

Sammo's nemesis, Lee Hei, is back in the US and attempts to assassinate the mayor of Shanghai.

S1/EP 13 - Substitutes

Sammo discovers that a legendary gangster has come back to Los Angeles to look for his ex-wife and son.

S1/EP 14 - Wild Life

Sammo and Terrell try to nail an illegal animal trading and hunting ring.

S1/EP 15 - Breakout

A prisoner escapes from jail and goes looking for the money he stole years earlier.

S1/EP 16 - Captive Hearts

Sammo and Terrell pursue a sweatshop proprietor suspected of selling children.

S1/EP 17 - Trifecta

Sammo and Terrell work undercover to solve the murder of a former partner.

S1/EP 18 - Big Trouble

A supermarket owned by Terrell's parents is being threatened by corrupt truckers.

S1/EP 19 - Nitro Man

A trip to the bank ends with Melanie being taken hostage.

S1/EP 20 - Red Storm

Sammo tries to stop a gang of terrorists at the airport.

S1/EP 21 - Requiem: Part 1

A Chinese criminal returns to America to reestablish his empire.

S1/EP 22 - End Game: Part 2

The unit has to find Lee Hei and his daughter, or they will be forced to shut down.

S2/EP 1 - Sammo Blammo

Sammo is kidnapped and strapped to a bomb.

S2/EP 2 - Thieves Among Thieves

Sammo and Terrell go undercover to catch some jewel thieves.

S2/EP 3 - This Shogun for Hire

A Japanese assassin is hired by a drug dealer to kill a public official.

S2/EP 4 - 24 Hours

Sammo and Terrell babysit a criminal allowed to attend his sister's funeral.

S2/EP 5 - 90 Million Reasons to Die

Sammo kis kidnapped after a large amount is deposited into his account.

S2/EP 6 - My Man Sammo

Sammo and Terrell's arrest accidently interferes with Interpol.

S2/EP 7 - The Friendly Skies

A prisoner-escorted flight turns sideways when a guard takes control.

S2/EP 8 - Call of the Wild

A mild-mannered man stirs up confusion when he commits murder and showcases martial art skills his wife doesn't even know about.

S2/EP 9 - Blue Flu

The whole police station is under quarantine after someone releases a virus.

S2/EP 10 - Sammo Claus

Robbers dressed as Santa Claus rob a toy store.

S2/EP 11 - No Quarter

A gang war erupts in LA over a mobster's plan to bring a football team to Los Angeles.

S2/EP 12 - Scorpio Rising

A crime organization threatens various executives of global companies.

S2/EP 13 - No Fare

Sammo goes stir crazy when he is told to take a week off. Meanwhile, team are looks for a jewel thief and a killer off a marine biologist.

S2/EP 14 - Dog Day Afternoon

Sammo dog-sits when the owner is murdered.

S2/EP 15 - Deathfist 5: Major Crimes Unit

An action star follows Sammo and Terrell to make his next movie more authentic.

S2/EP 16 - Honor Among Strangers: Part 1

An ex-army man robs a bank equipped with fully automatic weapons and body armor.

S2/EP 17 - Freefall: Part 2

Spy satellites come crashing down in downtown Los Angeles.

S2/EP 18 - The Thrill is Gone

A designer drug called Thrill hits the streets of Los Angeles.

S2/EP 19 - Heartless

The governor's daughter is at risk when the heart for her transplant is stolen.

S2/EP 20 - In the Dark

Scorpio tries to rescue a member who is in prison.

S2/EP 21 - Final Conflict: Part 1

The MCU discover that Scorpio has a personal grudge against Sammo.

S2/EP 22 - Final Conflict: Part 2

MCU must stop Scorpio before they bring an airplane down.